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I was a Top Model back in the day!

Posted By sugarbecky on Dec 6, 2007 at 7:48AM

Posing on the Great WallPosing on the Great WallPosing in the Forbidden CityPosing in the Forbidden CityMy dad was in the AF when I was little, and we briefly lived in Beijing when I was 4, and I totally posed on the Great Wall way before any of Tyra's girls were even born. This is me, representin' in 85!

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ok, I watched it.

Posted By brneyedgrl on Sep 28, 2007 at 5:46AM

For future reference, you can watch full episodes of ANTM on cw.com, so I got to see the last episode. I am glad that Mila is gone, her personality is annoying. Lisa looked great...Ebony is making all the girls despise her...and the girl with the autism is just so stunningly beautiful . I think I am putting my money on her. Her pictures are amazing and she is overcoming a huge obstacle because of her disability. They also all have to quit smoking as of this episode per Tyra and I think that is brilliant as they are role models for little girls...anyway. I got my fix and hopefully i wont miss next weeks. cheers

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Posted By brneyedgrl on Sep 27, 2007 at 11:06AM

Ok, i'm probably the only human without tivo, and I missed the 2nd episode last night of ANTM....
Can someone please tell me what happened??

"we're all in the same boat"

Posted By brneyedgrl on Sep 19, 2007 at 5:58PM

ok, Mila, the happy girl has to go...
and i cant stand to listen to the boston bartender , jennifer.
Uhm...the accordian nose joke plus size model?
I like the ga bikini wax girl..
There are alot of ghetto girls on there this season, the stripper, spontainouse(sp)...bianca ( the fun bitch)
Tyra's opening number with the red feather head gear on was not that fab.
so far, I am a little disappointed. They are gonna have to bring some drama on in the next episodes. No doubt Ebony will have some, girl is a beyotch. But i did feel bad for her when she was talking about her mom being a crackhead, and her grandma died who raised her...I do like her the best i think.Who had the
best photo shoot?...I think it was...none of them...i did not like any of their shots. ewww.
saliesha and ebony are the prettiest...the others I just dont get....jennifer is pretty if she didnt talk, i hate that accent. I do like lisa. The social misfit, is pretty but she is sooooo uncomfortable in her body.
I will say its making me want to take a cruise..

so my prediction is: lisa or or janet or salisha , i cant decide.

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the premiere

Posted By brneyedgrl on Sep 19, 2007 at 4:59PM

5 mins and counting...the new season...
be back in an hour ..:)